Qcon AHOY!  - July 31st-Aug 3rd 2008
t's true.  QuakeCon is upon us.  Get all the info at www.quakecon.org, and don't forget to post up any thoughts in the QCON forum HERE.

GOSU LAN - April 19th 2008
The Fifth Column crew rolled up to a good LAN hosted by the guys over at OSUGamers.com last weekend.  Great LAN, lots of action show some support over HERE.  Thanks to all the guys who made the drive. 

Keep an eye out for Warhammer Online, we should have about 15-20 people playing the beta at release.  If the game turns out good, pretty much an instant pvp destruction guild on launch.  Other games to look out for: Fallout 3, Stalker Dx10 Revamp, Duke Nukem Forever(lol).

Support your local LAN's:
As we all know, its looking as if LAN attendance is down state-wide.  We encourage everyone to do what they can to keep these local events going!  We all know gas/travel expenses are worse than ever, but if at all possible, do what you can to Keep them alive!

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After Saturdays event, I think its safe to say that Quake IV will remain as a strong LAN tradition for many many LANs to come.....although the game has its netcode downfalls over internet, playing the game LAN is about as good as it gets.

Thanks to everyone who came out for another great event.  Attendance was a little low, but we'll be going all out for the next event.  We plan to begin holding ShaG every-other-month from now on, to ensure excellent attendance, more prizes, and better preparation. 

We had a nice Q3 tourney, lots of BF2 & CS: Source action, some Source Forts and even a little good old Warcraft III right before shut down.....

Quake 3 Tourney Results - 1st place: 5][Spyder * 2nd place: GOSU.Failure * 3rd place: 5][Havik
Thanks to GOSU for bringing a few competitors in the Quake III 1v1 tourney. =)